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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Has Dragon Dictation Done for Me

Following up on my previous post about catching ideas, I installed Dragon Dictation on my iPhone. Its a solid little app, though I had no idea what it was and was not capable of.

Still one of the best dragon designs ever.

It can accurately take down concise notes with simple words. Going over three syllable words and it starts to choose words that you're not actually saying.

It has a length limit, which has presented an issue for myself during driving but isn't that big a deal.

Dragon is free, so you're getting quite a bit for your buck. I'm now using it to take down ideas for particular scenes, lines of dialog, and even the occasional joke. Time will tell if this makes me a better story teller, though so far I've caught a number of ideas with it that may have otherwise been lost to the ether.

How has your concept catching been? Any tips?

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