Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dealing with Concept Fatigue

No matter how long I work on something at some point I always run into the following issue. Concept Fatigue.

Its different from writers block. I only encounter writers block on projects I'm still enthusiastic about. My usual bouts with writers block deal with figuring out what the best to get from the current place in my story, game, comic, etc. to the next place and simply not being able to figure it out.

No, concept fatigue is different...

The concept that I came up with, that popped into my head, that was inspired by sock puppets, whatever it is and however I came to find it, I will eventually grow tired of it. Usually I go quickly from being tired of the idea to simply hating the idea, the concept, or whatever work I have put into it.

Previously as a game developer the time to dwell on that was slight, as I had to get the product out or I would not have a way to feed my family. Now though, not being in a creative business, I am devoting free time to concepts. When I hit that stage of concept fatigue, with near certainty, the projects wither and die. There are a few that I have kept alive and kicking, but overall nothing seems to help.

How do you deal with concept fatigue? Is it just my brain telling me that the concept is not good enough?

1 comment:

  1. I deal with concept fatigue in three ways:
    1. I shoot things.
    2. I'll step away, read a book, self flagellate, go out into the sun, or head to the cafe next to the (very active) yoga studio.
    3. I'll push through it, web out a bunch of ideas, and see if any of them will take me to a good place, if not, I toss them.